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If you are willing to become the good construction manager then you must have to understand that you will have to act like a doctor. You have to lead the trauma team and your every single decision will decide about the life of patient. Until you are not enough experienced about the project manager responsibilities you will face many problems when supervising any project. Being a project manager, you must be skilled with the following responsibilities.  


  1. Resource and activity planning. 
    To accomplish the project on given estimated time planning is the major factor. How much planning is good? You will get ease during entire project. Many of the projects are failed only due to poor planning and it becomes embarrassing position in-front of the client. Always determine the resources which are available for project and don’t forget to define the scope of project. You have to set the estimated time and complete the project in same time. It is not only to make a good plan and sit back for relaxation but to execute of the project and monitoring its progress are the main focus for a good project manager. Due to any natural effect your estimated time may be crossed and you have to tackle the situation by interacting with the land owner and have to satisfy land owner.  
  2. Time management control. 
    Clients and land owners want to see the work done on given estimated time and from their point view it is your success and if not done within estimated time given so you are failure. Keep in mind that completion of work on given deadline is non-negotiable. It is only possible by communicating with construction team showing them about whole plan and deadlines. 
  3. Cost and budget. 
    Before starting any kind of project, you have to calculate estimated cost and let the client know about the budget required by him/her. Even some projects are completed on estimated time given but these are over budged project and clients are not happy with you. Surely, you have performed very efficiently but exceeding of client budget is the reason of dissatisfaction and you are assumed as a failure. Being a good project manager, you must calculate the near to accurate estimated cost which is allow able in the budget of the client and you can also earn for yourself/organization. 


Beside above there are many more responsibilities which should be available in a good project manager. Our designed courses like building estimating courses in Melbournecertificate 3 in carpentry and certificate iv in site management are very ideal for project managers. best-constructions